Miss Culture 2016 Talks about Her Life and Academic Advancement


kimarah isaacBy: Kimarah Isaac, Education Professional

New York, NY – In an attempt to raise the level of college readiness among the youth of St. Kitts and Nevis, I interviewed Miss. Clayticia Daniel, a current student of the University of the West Indies, Mona campus who was recently crowned Miss Culture 2016.

It was Nelson Mandela that said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Ms. Daniel used this quote as her opening statement, which set the tone for the duration of the interview. She continued by stating that she believes in making a difference and is very interested and passionate about assisting the federation in the health sector. Ms. Daniel enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. She has embraced her adventurous spirit by taking part in Zip lining.

Currently, studying Diagnostic Imaging/ Radiography which deals with the electromagnetic technologies of imaging the internal organs of the body such as X-rays, CAT scan and MRI, she is committed to the work and is enjoying her college experience, which she describes as difficult.
She added, “With motivation from my family and friends I am making it. One step at a time. One of my biggest surprises is my hall life experience. I expected to be an outcast. I consider myself a shy individual. However being a part of the Rex Nettleford Hall home has brought me many friends and opportunities. I broke out my outermost shell. I am now a confident young adult!”

13924926_1118405764871755_4326584061220210264_nThroughout the interview, Ms. Daniel continually paid homage to her mother, who she describe as ‘the essence of a true strong black woman’ and when asked about her plans regarding post-graduation she had this to say, “I intend to open up my own facility dealing with my field of study which would aid in saving lives in our country. At heart, I am a free spirit and have developed entrepreneurial skills. I will be ready to take on the world after pursuing my masters in Epidemiology which also deal with the health sector as a way to find preventative measures against diseases”.

I asked Daniel about her overall pageant experience and she also had this to say, “It was a world wind. I would do it over if permitted. I enjoyed everything about it. Yes, that includes the stresses that come along with pageant life”.

Her message to youths is, “Keep focused. Remember we are tomorrow. That means we have to start from today to start building our nation. Our role in society now is to develop new ideas to help build our developing country”.

To read more about Daniel’s performance at the Miss Culture 2016 pageant go to http://www.winnfm.com/…/17987-twenty-year-old-uwi-student-w….
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