Premier Brantley and CCM a No-Show at PAM’s 58th Convention, Signaling End of Alliance

The conspicuous absence of Premier Mark Brantley and his Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) at the People’s Action Movement’s (PAM) 58th Convention on Sunday, June 9th, was one of the more glaring happenings , marking what many perceive as the demise of the once-prominent alliance that helped to shape the Team Unity administration. and also precipitated the demise of Team Unity . The absence of CCM representatives was particularly striking considering the history of collaboration between the two parties. The alliance between CCM and PAM, within the broader Team Unity coalition, played a pivotal role in the collapse of the former administration led by Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris.Initially united in their discontent with the leadership of Dr. Harris, both parties sought changes within the government, with CCM advocating for a so called fair share and PAM expressing concerns about the undermining of their party’s interests.The alliance, which culminated in a partnership during the 2022 campaign, proved to be a double-edged sword. While CCM maintained relative success, PAM suffered its worst defeat in history, receiving only half the votes compared to its previous performance in 2000.During the campaign, CCM pledged its support for PAM Leader Shawn Richards as Prime Minister. However, following the elections, CCM distanced itself from any opposition alliance with PAM, refusing to acknowledge Richards as Opposition Leader or grant PAM the opportunity to name an Opposition Senator.The speculated boycott of PAM’s Convention by CCM representatives signifies the apparent dissolution of the once-touted alliance, signaling the end of an era that brought both parties to power. The absence of even a single representative from CCM reflects a clear disregard for the supposed relationship with PAM, effectively sealing the fate of their alliance.

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