Minister of Tourism Hon. Marsha Henderson Off Island Again in Miami, Leading St. Kitts Delegation at Sea Trade Cruise Global

Amidst scrutiny over frequent overseas engagements, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Marsha T. Henderson, is off island again this time in Miami for the 2024 edition of Sea Trade Cruise Global. Despite widespread criticisms regarding the unprecedented overseas travel of PM Drew Labour Cabinet Ministers, Henderson is currently overseas in Miami leading a delegation, comprising prominent figures from St. Kitts’ tourism sector.

Joining Minister Henderson on this journey are esteemed individuals including Chairperson of the Tourism Authority, Ermelin Sebastian-Duggins, Kerry Simmonds, Jonathan Bass, Chairman of SCASPA, PS Tivanna Wharton, and several other key stakeholders and officials. This robust delegation underscores the seriousness with which St. Kitts approaches its tourism strategy.

The Sea Trade Cruise Global event serves as a pivotal platform for Minister Henderson and her team to engage with global players in the cruise industry. Through strategic partnerships forged at such events, St. Kitts aims to leverage its unique offerings to attract a diverse array of cruise liners, thereby increasing tourist footfall and bolstering the local economy.

Discussions at the event center around identifying new opportunities and innovative approaches to enhance St. Kitts’ appeal as a cruise destination. Minister Henderson’s proactive approach underscores her commitment to driving growth and prosperity in the tourism sector, despite facing criticism for the frequency of overseas engagements.

The presence of key stakeholders and officials from various sectors within the tourism industry demonstrates a united front in advancing St. Kitts’ interests on the global stage. By capitalizing on the insights and expertise shared at Sea Trade Cruise Global, the delegation endeavors to position St. Kitts as a must-visit destination for cruise travelers worldwide.

With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and unparalleled guest experiences, Minister Henderson and her team are poised to chart a course towards a prosperous future for St. Kitts’ tourism industry. As they navigate the waters of international engagement, their efforts are geared towards ensuring that St. Kitts emerges as a premier destination for discerning travelers seeking unforgettable experiences at sea.

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