SWMC staffers get new uniforms

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Litter wardens in their new uniforms.

The new uniforms for SWMC staff members is designed to exude pride in working at the Corporation, explains Sharon Drew, Administrative Assistant at the SWMC Headquarters in Taylors Range. Speaking to the “SWMC Insider”, Ms. Drew pointed to the importance of the new uniforms, which form part of the philosophy at the SWMC. “The new uniforms in general, speaks to a professional image for employees. It differentiates our workers from other agency workers so it is somewhat of corporation identity,” Drew said.
Ms. Drew gives a brief history about how the new uniforms came on stream. “Our first set of uniforms was in November of 2010. We got these uniforms from Sun Island Clothing at the industrial site. Then in 2013, we upgraded to suit a trendy collection so we ordered some Dickies double-knee green pants and the corresponding Dickie shirts,” she disclosed. She added that the staff was pleased with the quality of the uniforms, but it is the SWMC logo emblazoned on the uniforms which is one of the prominent features of the new working attire.
For her, the new uniforms are very important to the operation as it identifies the staff with the SWMC and keeps the nation aware of the value of the corporation in keeping a clean and healthy environment. “I think our workers are all satisfied with the uniform brand as I think it makes them proud to be part of something big…it gives a sense of team, enhancement, image and I think all in all, they (staff) are motivated to aim higher and (offer) better quality service,” Drew said. Aside from field workers, office staff at the SWMC headquarter also have new uniforms which includes dresses and polo shirts with the SWMC logo. “We are in the process of ordering some new uniforms with the same colour, bearing the same logo,” Drew explained. Meanwhile, Ms. Drew explained that green was selected as the colour of the uniforms to symbolize the environment, hearkening to the environmentally conscious moniker “Going Green.”
Photo caption: Litter wardens in their new uniforms.
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