Liburd Tackles Pond Road Drainage Problems

Written by LK Hewlett, 
St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The long existing drainage and flooding issues on Pond Road, Newtown are now being addressed, says Minister of Public Works and area representative Ian Liburd.
“One would recognize when it rains there is like an ocean, and we found out that het drain has been silted up over the years so we have decided to address that once and for all and have it maintained on a regular basis to avoid problems.”
Minister Liburd told WINN FM the government recently signed a contract for the cleaning of the drain but there are other issues that need to be resolved. The build-up of residential structures has caused additional stress on the drainage problem, he said, which must first be addressed.
“We actually started moving some of the fences. Some people living in the area have really encroached upon the drain itself and impeded the flow of water. They built their shanties on the drain, so we have spoken with the residents in the area, apprised them, informed them of what we’re doing; we had them sign concurrence with what we’re doing. Then the contractor will be fully mobilized and clean that Pond Road drain and keep the water flowing.”
Liburd informed that the government is looking at doing additional work around that area and putting in more drains over the life of the project.
“We’re also looking at drainage between Sebastian Street and East Street. That’s going to take some water and put it into the Pond Road drain and onto the Sanddown Road drain. Hopefully down the road we will look at putting in a major drain down Pitcairn Street that goes into the Bay Road, into the sea.
“Obviously it’s going to need some funds to do that,” he said.
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