Kittitian Klieon John Wins Caribbean film project

Klieon John
Klieon John

Klieon John

Kittitian Kleion John copped first place in the Caribbean Film Academy (CAFA) film project.
John along with other from throughout the Caribbean competed in the CAFA 2015 screenwriting competition in the Caribbean Film Project. In a release, the CAFA said the requirements for entering were: films needed to be short, include several cultural elements (locations, food, and music from the country), engaging, and formatted and structured to industry standards. Entries came from emerging writers and filmmakers from Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and many different parts of the Diaspora. In the end, the best three scripts were selected.

John copped the first place with his entry “Jeb”. His film explores a timid young girl’s love for a dashing but seemingly nonchalant painter; a love that drives her to desperation as she pays a visit to a shady obeah woman, whose real magic may not be supernatural at all. In second place was Karen Chapman, Diaspora – Canada where her entry “Love and Longing”. Her film tells the story of a young couple, divided by race, finding each other again, and the third place winner was Kojo McPherson, of Guyana with his entry “Adero”. His film tells the tale of a man who seems to have everything yet finds himself searching for purpose and his sense of self when a touch of ‘the mystic’ (or mysticism) enters his life.
The Caribbean Film Project would like to thank the judges for the time they spent reading, discussing, and commenting on the scripts. They would also like to thank all the collaborating partners, Groundation Grenada, ChantiMedia, The Audio Visual Association of Dominica, and SASOD Guyana.
The next step will see each writer being paired with a writing coach, with roughly one month to improve and revise their scripts, to make them ready for production. Then they will all be invited to participate in a directing workshop, in preparation for the production.

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