Inactive Office Secretariat Heightens Concerns Regarding Stalled Cannabis Industry Development in St. Kitts and Nevis

Since the inauguration of the Drew Administration nearly two years ago, the Cannabis Secretariat or Office, designated to oversee the development of the medicinal cannabis industry, has remained alarmingly inactive. Housed in the R.L Caines building on Princess Street, this office was intended to serve as the hub for the Cannabis Development Commission. However, under the new administration, it has become a virtual ghost town, devoid of any meaningful activity related to cannabis development.Despite being leased during the Team Unity administration, the office has seen minimal utilization since the transition of power. The sporadic activity observed in February was but a fleeting glimpse of its intended purpose. Premier Mark Brantley and concerned citizens alike are troubled by the stagnant progress of the medicinal cannabis industry, exacerbated by the neglect of this crucial office.Drew’s Special Advisor, Duncan Wattley, has publicly questioned the sluggish pace of development, while Health Advisor Dr. Patrick Martin advocates for a decentralized approach, emphasizing the need for industry stakeholders to drive innovation rather than relying solely on government intervention and political appointees .The disuse of the Cannabis Secretariat underscores broader concerns about the Drew Administration’s commitment to cannabis development, leaving stakeholders and citizens alike questioning the government’s priorities in this crucial sector.

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