Hon Eugene Hamilton supporting community groups as they raise their children

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On Friday Minister Hamilton handed over seventy-five back-packs to the Conaree group “SELF” “seeing everyone like family”

The group is a subset of the Island Auto Supplies Conaree football club that embraces the task of supporting the youths through education and mentoring

Earlier in 2019 the group was supported in its efforts by Minister Hamilton who organized six computers used in the training and education of the children

Children are taught and assisted with homework and are exposed to the use of technology for research and for their development

Minister Hamilton arranged for free WiFi at two lacations, namely the Community Center and the Daycare facility as well as further support to the children

Speaking at the handing over ceremony Minister Hamilton underscored the point that it takes a village to raise a child

He further stated that it is much more beneficial for a community to become engaged in inculcating and strengthening the social norms that engenders growth and development of the family, thereby reducing the risk of deviant and criminal conduct

Hamilton said that it has become fashionable for self-seeking politicians to crow about their investment which suggests that they are looking for returns rather than genuinely contributing to family and community development

I have personally hand delivered in the past where the community has fallen short and I will do so again when opportunity appears but I hold the view that these are moments not for me to crow about what I have done. It is not about me nor is it a moment to exhibit selfish ambitions. Rather it is about the community; it is about the children and ultimately it is about the values we share as a country Hamilton said

I want to assure you who are engaged in this exercise that while seventy five bags are being handed over, should there be greater demand I will respond. I will respond because I have already arranged for six hundred packages in support of children returning to school on Monday September 2nd

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