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Many women and girls feel paranoid about how they smell “down there”–you are not alone! The truth is, every female has her own signature scent, and if you have a sexual partner, your partner probably doesn’t mind it a bit. At the same time, if you’re feeling a little insecure, then it won’t hurt to make sure that you’re covering all of the bases when you wash your vagina to ensure you’re doing your best for your sexual hygiene. You deserve to feel clean and confident.

Method 1 of 2: Daily Washing Routine
  1. Lather up a washcloth with some mild natural soap and water. Avoid using soaps with heavy perfumes, which may irritate the sensitive skin around your

  2. Clean the folds around your clitoris. Use your fingers to pull your vulva away from your clitoris. Gently scrub the skin on both sides of your clitoris with the washcloth.
  3. Wash your vulva and your vaginal opening. Also, scrub around your bikini line.
  4. Scrub your perineum. The perineum is the area between your vagina and your anus.
  5. Wash your anal area last. Keep your washcloth from touching your vaginal area after you’ve washed your anus. Doing this will ensure that you don’t drag rectal germs toward your vaginal area. This is a common practice for those who enjoy working in videos at websites like twinkpornvideos so they can maintain a high standard of sexual hygiene. They need too more than most because of the range of people they engage with sexually. These germs can cause you to get urinary tract infections. It’s important you get uti treatment as soon as possible if you think you have the infection otherwise it will only get worse.
  6. Wash your vagina at least once per day. If you have sex, you may want to wash it a second time if you’re worried about how your body’s scent interacts with the scent of semen.
    Method 2 of 2: Keeping Yourself Smelling Fresh
  1. Trim, wax or shave your pubic hair. Thick pubic hair can cause you to sweat down below, which may make you have some issues with odor.158953287
  2. Stay clean during your period. Change your pad or your tampon frequently, according to the directions on the package. If you’re worried about how you smell when you’re having your period, you can wash your vagina 2 or 3 times a day.
  3. Wear cotton underwear. Breathable fabric helps to prevent vaginal odor.

    Wear Cotton Panties

    Wear Cotton Panties

  4. Try a reusable pantyliner[3]. The idea of reusing and washing your pantyliners may seem strange at first, but the cotton will help your vagina to breathe while absorbing any excess discharge. If you like the way they make you feel, you can graduate to reusable cotton menstrual pads or menstrual cups.
  5. Bathe as part of your foreplay. So are you worried that your partner won’t like your scent? Take a sexy shower or a steamy bath before you have sex. Let your partner wash your vagina for you. Who knows? It might lead to all kinds of fun.0304-woman-in-bath_at


  • Always wipe front to back to prevent bacteria from getting into your vagina.
  • Be gentle! It’s a very fragile area and you don’t want to get a cut or an infection.
  • Be careful when washing your vagina, its not a race. Don’t rush. Take your time because you don’t want to irritate your skin.
  • To prevent odor, make sure that you wipe the area around your clitoris with toilet tissue every time you urinate. Urine and vaginal secretions can accumulate in this area and can give you that not-so-fresh feeling.
  • Heavy perfume is a no-go!
  • If you’re concerned about a persistent, strong odor in your vaginal area, visit your gynecologist. Your gynecologist can test you for an infection and can prescribe an appropriate medication or topical cream if you need one. You can also talk to your gynecologist if you’re worried about odor and cleanliness. If you really wanted you can spray a little perfume NEAR, NOT ON, maybe in the middle of your thighs. Chanel Coco Noir is a sexy, sophisticated perfume, it may be a nice addition.
  • Vaginas aren’t meant to smell like baby powder or fields of flowers. If you’re really worried about how you smell, it’s okay to talk to your partner about it. You’ll probably find out that everything is fine. And if your clean scent is a turnoff, maybe you need a new partner.

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