Monsterrat’s Former Chief Minister Charged with Sexual Misconduct Involving Minors

Former Chief Minister of Monsterrat Attorney David Brandt
Former Chief Minister of Monsterrat Attorney David Brandt

Former Chief Minister of Monsterrat Attorney David Brandt

Former Chief Minister and Attorney-at-Law on the island of Montserrat, David S Brandt, has been officially charged with two counts of conspiracy to have sexual intercourse with a minor.

According to sources in the offices of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on Monsterratt , Attorney Brandt is charged specifically with one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor dating back to the year 2010. The other charge in relation to conspiracy to have sex with a minor, we have been informed from our source, stems from developments that took place between April to September of 2015.

Former Chief Minister Attorney Brandt was arrested on Friday, September 18, 2015. The prominent lawyer, as he was being referred to by various media outlets, has been in police custody for the entire weekend as he was being questioned on the alleged offences.

Following a hearing at the courts of justice on Montserrat, on Monday September 21st, Attorney Brandt is presently out on bail. Bail was reportedly set in the region of $10, 000 for each offense; a total of EC$20K.

Whilst on bail, Attorney Brandt is restricted from making contact with any of the witnesses in this case, either in person, or via any of his servants or agents.

Brandt is set to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the West indies in October. According to conditions of the bail he  will be granted leave to travel to Antigua between October 9-12, 2015 to receive his Honourary Degree. Local law enforcement in Antigua must be informed of Attorney Brandt’s location no less than three times daily while he is there.

It is unclear whether the UWI will proceed with the award to Brandt in light of his arrest and charges.

Unconfirmed reports suggests that Law enforcement officials from the UK are reportedly on island assisting with the investigation of this matter.

Two  Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) officers are on Montserrat, as part of a multi-jurisdictional investigative team.

Brandt will face High Court proceedings on Montserrat, as there is no fact towards extradition comments that are being made.

Director of Public Prosecution, Oris Sullivan, represented the Crown, whilst Attorney-at-law Karl Markham stood for Brandt .

Brandt  served as the Chief Minister of Monsterrat from 22 August 1997 to 5 April 2001.

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