Hon. Shawn K Richards Re-elected to Lead Vibrant Youthful New People’s Action Movement Executive

Back Row (L-R) Gregg Herbert-Hon Shawn K Richards-Jonel Powell Front Row L-R: Vanessa Phipps-Natasha Grey-Rylliss Percival

Back Row (L-R) Gregg Herbert-Hon Shawn K Richards-Jonel Powell
Front Row L-R: Vanessa Phipps-Natasha Grey-Rylliss Percival

Deputy Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis Hon Shawn K Richards was today unanimously re-elected as leader of his party the People’s Action Movement.

Over 200 members including 126 official delegates of  the People’s Action Movement elected a new team to manage the affairs of the party over the next year.

The party held its 50th annual caucus or delegates convention on Sunday Afternoon June 7th at the OOJJ’S Convention Center. The Delegate convention had various groups and organisations within the People’s Action Movement discussing and analysing the issues and concerns of the last year as well as discussing the way forward for the party as a partner in the historic Team UNITY Government .

The highlight of the afternoon’s proceedings was undoubtedly the election of officers of the Party’s executive. Hon Shawn Richards
Hon. Shawn K. Richards was re-elected Party Leader unopposed. The delegates unanimously elected the Hon. Eugene Hamilton and Jonel Powell as the party‘s two Deputy Political Leaders .

Valentine Lindsay was re-elected as Party Chairman with Vanessa Phipps as his Deputy. Ms Ryllis Percival who previously served as Assistant General-Secretary was elected Treasurer while Attorney Natasha Grey was elected Assistant General Secretary. Greg Herbert was elected as the party’s Public Relations Officer.
Party Leader Hon. Shawn K. Richards expressed his satisfaction with the delegates convention and suggested that the event reflected the vibrancy of the party and the immense enthusiasm of the membership.

“The delegates convention was an enthusiastic, exciting and exuberant event and we are truly satisfied that the party remains as dynamic, vibrant and popular as ever,” said Richards

The elections reflects the youthfulness and vibrancy of the party . Closer look at the executive would reveal that with the exception of Hon. Eugene Hamilton all of the executive members and the leadership were born after the party was founded some 50 years ago.

Re-elected Chairman Valentine Lindsay has referred to the new executive as a 21st Century Executive for a 21st Century party.

The Executive Officers Positions will be ratified at the Party’s 50th Annual Convention in one week on June 14th at Party Headquarters.
The full Executive comprises the following persons in the following positions:

• Political Leader Hon. Shawn K. Richards

• Deputy Political Leader Hon. Eugene Hamilton

• Deputy Political Leader Jonel Powell

• Chairman- Valentine Lindsay

• Deputy Chairperson –Vanessa Phipps

• Treasurer- Rhylliss Percival

• Assistant General Secretary- Natasha Grey

• Public Relations Officer – Gregg Herbert

The People’s Action Movement are partners in the historic St.Kitts-Nevis Team UNITY Government. They command 4 of the 11 seats in the parliament and with the CCM and the PLP holds command of some 7 of the 11 seats in the SKN Parliament.

The elections are to be ratified at the convention on Sunday June 14th

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