St.Kitts-Nevis Deputy Prime Minister and PAM Leader Hon. Shawn K Richards Sends Congratulatory Message to St. Lucia Prime Minister Elect and UWP Leader Allan Chastanet



Deputy Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis and Leader of the People’s Action Movement the Hon. Shawn K. Richards is expressing delight as he shares in the joy of victory of the Allan Chastenet led sister party UWP and the people of St.Lucia .

The UWP won the St.Lucia Polls with an 11-6 Landslide Victory over the incumbent Dr. Kenny Anthony led St.Lucia Labour Party.

“I would like to congratulate Mr Allan Chastanet and our brothers and sisters of the UWP  for their  resounding victory at the polls yesterday; clearly the people of St. Lucia have spoken. Our parties the UWP and the PAM have had a long political brotherhood which dates back to our great former leaders Rt. Hon Dr. Sir Kennedy A Simmonds and the Rt Hon Sir John Compton who both shared a desire for the upliftment of  our respective countries and people out of the depth of poverty and despair. That desire to uplift our country and people remains today at the core of existence of both of our 50 year old political organizations.  I firmly believe that as we now play a role in leading the direction of our people and our country our organizations and our countries will continue to develop dynamic, mutually beneficial relations and our historic bonds will serve to  strengthen both nations .The Party of which I continue to humbly lead the People’s Action Movement share in the joy of our brothers and sisters in the UWP and the people of St.Lucia as they now get down to the business of charting a new course for St.Lucia,” said Deputy Prime Minister of St.Kitts Nevis and Leader of the People’s Action Movement Hon. Shawn K Richards.

Chastanet was one of a few regional political leaders who lended their voice and support to the call for the now infamous motion of no confidence to be tabled and debated in St.Kitts. Chastanet blasted then Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas and his St.Kitts-Nevis Labour/NRP Coalition for their frustration and refusal to have the Motion debated.

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