Hon. Joseph Parry Confirms His Resignation As Leader Of Nevis Opposition Party

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Hon. Joseph Parry

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Joseph Parry is confirming that he is relinquishing the leadership of the party.

“I have been asked by the executive of the Nevis Reformation Party to deliver this address on their behalf to you the people, and the residents of Nevis. Firstly, let me make it clear what my intention is, my intention over the next few weeks is to step down as leader of the Nevis Reformation Party. It is important that I give that party the opportunity to organize their transition period so that we can have a smooth movement from the present situation to one that will strengthen the party for the future.”

Mr. Parry said Candidate Robelto Hector has indicated that he will challenge the election results in Charlestown.

“I spoke to Mr. Hector … and he has assured me that he will challenge the seat in Charlestown because he is dissatisfied with the results. He feels and the party feels, that there were a number of irregularities, committed both in the electoral office and elsewhere to warrant his objecting and going to court on this very serious matter. I do hope the supporters of the Nevis Reformation Party and the public as a whole will support this move because it is very important that we have free and fair elections every time. That is what our democratic process is about.”

He said he was satisfied with the campaign run by the NRP even though the party lost the election.

“The people of Nevis or those who voted in the elections made their choice, and it is for us to accept the results as they have been presented.. That is not to say that we should not retire gracefully and be proud of our conduct and our past performances. Certainly, Mr. Hector and Mr. Daniel have been ministers in the past and they have been outstanding in their performance, their record is there for all to see. …I want to say that the Nevis Reformation Party has always stood for the advancement of the people of Nevis especially the young people of Nevis and we want to see that the young people of Nevis continue to take an interest in what is happening, that they educate and train themselves to take over this country and to take it in the right direction.”

He promised that the NRP would be a responsible opposition.

“I can assure you the Nevis Reformation Party will not stand in the way of development in any way but certainly it is our business and our responsibility to ensure that if anything is wrong, that we point it out and also that we suggest alternatives that we would have pursued and that we think should be pursued in the interest of the country.”

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