GUYANA: Opposition Team UNITY Coalition says they have “commanding lead” but is not declaring victory yet

apnuThe Guyana Opposition Coalition APNU+AFC also known as Team UNITY said Tuesday afternoon that their tabulation has placed them more than 20,000 votes ahead of the ruling PPP/C after processing 2,025 Statements of Poll. They however stopped short of declaring an outright victory, instead pointing out that they do not believe the PPP/C can surpass this, based on the number of SOPs yet to be counted.

“We have done a very careful calculation of the Statements of Poll and we believe that based on the number of Statements of Polls that should be calculated; that is the two thousand two hundred and ninety-nine, we have calculated two thousand two hundred and twenty-five…Based on all that has happened here…based on the outstanding number of Statements of Polls to be added that there is no way…that the PPP can close this gap which we have opened up,” campaign Co-Chair Joseph Harmon stated.

When asked directly if the coalition was declaring outright victory, Prime Ministerial Candidate, Moses Nagamootoo was quick to point out that what the APNU+AFC was saying is that they have a “commanding lead in the polls.”

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