ST.KITTS: Controversial Former Government Minister Set To Return to Parliament as Opposition Senator

Opposition Senator Nigel Carty
Opposition Senator Nigel Carty

Opposition Senator Nigel Carty

Minister of State in the Former Dr. Denzil Douglas led SKN Labour/NRP Administration Nigel Carty has been announced as the nominee for the position of Opposition Senator in the new St.Kitts-Nevis Parliament which is set to Open on Thursday May 14th in Basseterre.
Former Press Secretary in the Douglas Led Administration Mr Erasmus Williams issued an official Press Release indicating Carty as the Opposition’s official nominee as Senator in the New Assembly.
Carty has been described as the most polarizing figure in the Dr. Douglas led regime. His handling of the BHS Health Saga was largely and resoundingly criticized. Carty was described by Teachers and Parents as arrogant in his handling of what became a signature issue in the lead up to the 2015 Election. There are many observers who have declared that the BHS Saga was one of the issues that led to the demise of the Dr. Douglas Labour/NRP Administration. And Carty was seen by many on all sides as the biggest hindrance to a much less controversial handling of what became a highly charged issue.
In 2009 Carty was again at the center of controversy when it was revealed during Court Proceedings that while at the time serving as a Minister of State in the Douglas Administration and Executive Member of the Labour Party had prepared transcripts for the Constituency Boundaries Commission which were to be used in Judicial Review Proceedings which were ongoing under the eye of Justice Belle. Carty and the government of the day along with the Commission were all highly criticized and chastised for the highly controversial and some may say corrupt and near illegal incident. The Deputy Chairmna of the Labour Party has also come in for much ciriticism and accusations of corruption from the then Team UNITY Opoosition , regarding the rental of his property to former Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn.
Carty’s nomination has raised many eyebrows as it was widely felt that the SKN Labour Party/NRP Coalition would seek to use the opportunity given for a new senator to inject new blood into the Opposition Coalition and by extension the assembly. It is left to be seen if Carty’s style which has been described by some as arrogant and others as assertive, would enhance the Opposition’s presence in the new assembly .

Mr. Carty served as a Minister of State with responsibility for Information and Technology from 2004 to 2010; Minister of Education and Information from 2010 and 2015; and Minister of Agriculture from 2013 to 2015.
According to the release Carty holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. The release stated that he has been an active member of the Saddlers community where he was born and the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party all his life and has served as Deputy-Chairman of the Party since 2005.

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