Glaring Omission: PM Drew’s Administration Fails to Acknowledge father of Independence and Only Living National Hero Dr. Rt. Hon. Sir Kennedy A Simmonds in Independence Celebrations

The Prime Minister Drew administration’s approach to governance in St. Kitts and Nevis continues to raise eyebrows with its recent announcement of a month-long calendar of events to mark the 40th anniversary of independence. However, conspicuously absent from the lineup is any government-organized activity that recognizes Dr. Rt. Hon. Sir Kennedy Simmonds, the countrys First Prime Minister , the father of independence and the nation’s only living National Hero. While events are set to commemorate National Heroes including former Premiers 11Sir Robert Bradshaw and Sir Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell, no effort has been made to highlight Sir Kennedy’s monumental contribution as the visionary leader who guided the nation to independence and served as its inaugural Prime Minister. This glaring omission exposes the administration’s immaturity and politically charged decision-making. Fortunately, the Opposition Peoples Action Movement has taken the initiative to rectify this oversight by organizing an event on Monday, September 11th, featuring an interview with Sir Kennedy Simmonds himself, shedding light on the nation’s path to independence. Surprisingly, the government’s SKNIS Information and Communications department aired a series of programs titled “Conversations: Reflections and the Way Forward,” examining the journey to independence and subsequent progress. Shockingly, none of these programs dedicated time to or featured the country’s first Prime Minister and independence pioneer, Sir Kennedy Simmonds. Reports indicate that Sir Kennedy, who is by God’s grace alive and well, was not extended an invitation to partake in any televised discussions, nor has he been included in any major national activities marking the 40th independence anniversary. These actions by the Drew administration are being met with widespread condemnation, described as both petty and immature.

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