Former SKN PM No Show in Parliament. Avoids debate on Important Citizenship By Investment Programme

Dr. Denzil Douglas
Dr. Denzil Douglas

Dr. Denzil Douglas

Basseterre, St.Kitts (August 6th 2015):- Former Prime Minister and now Leader of the Opposition in St.Kitts-Nevis Dr. Hon Denzil Douglas was a no-show for the second half of the most recent parliamentary sitting held in Basseterre. The sitting was the second of the historic Team UNITY Government led by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris. Dr Douglas failed to debate or make any presentation regarding a bill relating to the improvement of the country;s Citizenship by Investment programme.
The Bill sort to significantly enhance the security and due diligence of the process in the CBI Porgramme. Of significance, was the exclusion of persons seeking citizenship who have been engaged in negative activities such as terrorism and money laundering or where there are reasonable grounds in the interest of defence, public safety or public order.
Conspicuous by his absence during the debate on the Bill was former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas. Many questioned his absence but revelations made during the debate made it clear as to the likely reason why he stayed away.
The Leader of the Opposition Dr. Douglas made no contribution to the debate on the CBI bill . It was revealed during the debate that it was the actions or lack thereof of the then PM Douglas that had led to it becoming necessary to make amendments to the CBI Legislation. Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Mark Brantley made a stunning revelation during the debate when he announced that a letter, dated January 9, 2015, addressed to Dr. Douglas, warned the government to “refrain” from issuing any type of citizenship document to any individuals under this program unless confident beyond a reasonable doubt as to the persons’ true identity and that the “the applicant lacks ties to transnational criminal or terrorist organizations”.

The letter according to Brantley came from no less a person than US Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said, “If your country is unable to provide such levels of assurance regarding CIP applicants, it should carefully consider the actions of the United States and other nations could take should weaknesses in your program result in harm our citizens or a threat to our national security.”
The revelations stunned the world and made it seemingly obvious as to why the former PM Failed to present on the very important Bill amendment.

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