Basseterre, St.Kitts (August 30th 2016):-After 6 months of hard work, the first 50  students of the CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies in St.Kitts are now qualified Commercial Divers. Equipped with various skills, these students will soon be returning to homeland to pick up employment in the oil industry there. Six months ago they were freshmen who had no clue of commercial diving. However, under the watchful eyes of one of the best commercial divers in the world – Capt Ray Black of the USA, these students have been put on the right path and given the tools to excel in this field.

Captain  Black gave an overview of the  Six month training course.

Capt Black stated “They learned all aspects of underwater welding, underwater burning any project they run into underwater they’ve got to be able to fix it. From bolting stuff together with hydraulic tools because it’s really not friendly to plug in a drill and run into the ocean with, it doesn’t work like that. We have specialized tools to be able to do specialized work and they’ve got to experience and learn how to use and operate every piece of tool and maintain it and have it taken care of and learning how to work with the equipment, hydraulics and wenches, taking the equipment down, bringing divers up, you can’t take them down too fast you can’t bring them up too slow this is where you see the demand around the world. All these big BP, Exxon shells they hire graduates to do deep sea diving and they get them from all over the world. You’d be surprised how much is needed for a commercial diver to do.”

The next intake of another batch of 50 mainly Nigerian students  will take place by end of this year.

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