PM Harris paid surprise visit to nations Special Olympians in Los Angeles. Team SKN Gained Highest Medal Count Ever

11012117_1153960964630287_4406108914674542505_nLos Angeles, California  (August 2015):-The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis is applauding the excellent performance of its team at the 2015 Special Olympics Games in Los Angeles, California, having gained the team’s highest medal count in history.

Prime Minister Dr the Honourable Timothy Harris attended a special get together in Los Angeles to celebrate our athletes victory. It marked the first time ever that our country’s Prime Minister attended the Special Olympics Games, to visit and support our Federation’s athletes. The prime minister was accompanied by our Consul General, Bassam Alghanim, who is a major benefactor of our special Olympians.the Olympians.the coaches and officials were delighted by the PM attendance. One participant presented a jersey to Pm whole another presented a token if appreciation to consul general.

PM Harris said: “I was very happy to celebrate with our Special Olympians and to let them know how much we appreciate their performance. I came on behalf of the Federation to share in this historic moment although they may be differently abled, they are our Nation’s very special blessings. We are therefore very proud of the excellent way in which our athletes acquitted themselves in bringing record numbers of medals, acclaim and positive attention to themselves and Federation. I must express thanks and appreciation to the hardworking officials, coaches, guardians and parents of the athletes.”

The Athletes along with Prime Minister Harris returned home on Monday to a heroes welcome . It was disclosed there that every single athlete that represented the federation medaled at the World Games. 23 medals totaled were gained including 11 Golds.

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