Electoral Mathematics.

Electoral Mathematics.

James Adam’s There is good in the best of us and there is bad in the best of us.  Therefore, we cannot pretend that the former Labour administration did no good nor can we pretend that the Unity administration is doing all good.  What we can say, with no fear of contradiction than the bad that Labour did in its last term of Office was so egregious that they lost the elections despite their mobilisation efforts.

It is up to Team Unity now to prove that it was they who won the elections and not labour who lost it. The best test of this will be the next election which is due by 2020. A second term is always vindication for an incumbent that it is on the right track.  May the best team win in 2020 or whenever the election is called.

We have observed that many of the electorate have become impatient and are comparing the performance of 20 years of Labour with 2 years of Unity.  According to the Mighty Sparrow, 10:1 is murder!  It is a grossly unfair comparison for more than one reason, the chief of which is that in the first 18 -24 months, the new administration must understand the situation it has inherited.  In our case, it must unravel 20 years of cunning done by a very astute political party and politician.  Forensic audits take time as every lead has to be followed to its logical end.  Meanwhile, the incumbent government must perforce continue its governance of the country. Life, as they say, goes on!

Team Unity has another issue, that of number of parliamentarians.  The former administration argued that 10 parliamentarians (7 elected, 3 nominated) were insufficient to properly manage the affairs of the country and attempted to increase the number of senators.  The Courts ruled that the process chosen to do so was illegal and unconstitutional.  If we accept that argument, how much more difficult it is govern with 9 (6 elected and 3 nominated), one of whom has had to function as Speaker?

Recall too, that Nevis has to get its fair share.

Given then the task of discovery with which Team Unity is faced, and given the limited resources with which it is operating, and given the inherent loyalty (to Labour) of many operatives within the public service, we pay tribute to the many achievements thus far of the government.

The maths is hard, but teamwork will solve all the mathematical problems.

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