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His Excellency Ambassador Ian Patches Liburd congratulated and welcomed a  newly elected  PAM East Basseterre Group Executive . It was standing room only at the Tucker Clarke Primary School last evening (Wednesday 24th, 2020) as the East Basseterre arm of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) staged an election for their new executive.

It was no surprise that almost two hundred people turned out to participate in the event. The campaign trail was lined with posters as those persons offering up themselves for service divided into two teams.

Vanessa Phipps led a team which comprised  Kerine Archibald, Phyllis Farrel, Latisha Richards, Rodell Nicholls and Laurencia Isaac. While Karen Sadio led a team that included  Oretha Fan Mack, Keeshaw Osbourne, Shontelle Wilkinson, Al-Wali Muhammed and Sharaz Cornelius.

At the end of what proved to be a very lengthy and boisterous campaign period the people of East Basseterre exercised their franchise .

The results were as follows:


Vanessa Phipps – 97

Karen Sadio – 73

Deputy Chairperson:

Kerine Archibald – 101

Oretha Fan Mack – 69


Phyllis Farrel – 98

Shontelle Wilkinson – 66


Latisha Richards – 96

Keeshaw Osbourne – 69

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:

Laurencia Isaac –95

Al-Wali Muhammed – 62

Public Relations Officer:

Rodell Nicholls – 92

Sharaz Cornelius – 67

His Excellency Ambassador Ian Patches Liburd was on hand to congratulate and offer warm words to the newly elected executive. The newly elected chairperson Ms. Vanessa Phipps thanked the constituents for supporting her and the rest of her team.

The chairlady went on to assure her commitment and unwavering support of His Excellency Ambassador Liburd and her commitment to furthering the advancement of East Basseterre.

Chairlady Phipps and the rest of the incoming executive also wished to thank their opponents for an exciting campaign and remind them that everyone has a part to play as they work together for the good of the constituency.

L-R: Rodell Nicholls, Phyllis Farrell, Vanessa Phipps, Ambassador Liburd, Laurencia Isaac, Kerine Archibald, Latisha Richards.

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