Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris Calls Out Nevis Premier Mark Brantley for Associating with Convicted Fraudster Philippe Martinez and MSR Media

### **Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis** – In a fiery and impassioned speech, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, the leader of the People’s Labour Party (PLP) and former Prime Minister, has criticized Nevis Premier Mark Brantley for his association with convicted fraudster Philippe Martinez and his media company, MSR Media. Dr. Harris provided a comprehensive breakdown of the alleged schemes and the key figures involved in colluding with Martinez to target him and other prominent figures, including Dr. Denzil Douglas.During his speech, Dr. Harris did not mince words, stating, “They don’t have a thing, I think, and I call into question their motives. Premier Mark brought the man here. Premier Mark Brantley introduced him to the Cabinet. We trusted the member’s judgment as we ought to. We thought Martinez was a decent man. Lo and behold, the man has a long rap sheet of incidents in the court. The man was arrested, spent time in jail in France, spent time in a detention center in the USA. The man is a bad man. The man is a fraudster, and that is the man who made the face of our CBI program.”Dr. Harris continued to question the integrity of those associated with Martinez, highlighting the implications for the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. “When he goes to people, people are going to ask, well, how long have you been a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis? Why is he going to say, not yet, but why, Philippe? Why do you think Philippe is going to say, I went to jail and if I were to apply to the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI program, my application will be declined,” Harris emphasized.The PLP leader detailed the alleged involvement of high-ranking officials and their attempts to discredit him and Dr. Douglas. He accused the Attorney General of disseminating false information and questioned the motives behind these actions. “And that is why they can’t get nothing started because they are bad people, wicked people, and their hands are not clean. And I wonder what it is this man has over them that the Attorney General, that unworthy Attorney General, could take and WhatsApp, according to the document, information, false information to Dwyer Stephan, that man filling the blanks and that man sent it to the other man. That is how high officials in government operate with information, truth, or false.”Harris did not shy away from naming names, calling out Premier Brantley directly for his role in facilitating Martinez’s activities. “It was Mark Brantley’s firm that registered the companies of that bad man. It was Mark Brantley who went on radio to chat nonsense. Boy, he out in a yard. Well, if you out in a yard, how come you’re in a cabinet to hear cabinet discussion? And I challenge you. You either believe Martinez and disbelieve your foreign minister, Denzil Douglas.”Dr. Harris expressed his disappointment and outrage at the situation, asserting that the association with Martinez was damaging to the country’s reputation and its institutions. He questioned how government officials could represent the nation while siding with a known fraudster. “How could Denzil Douglas go out to represent the country when your government is siding with the fraudster in his suit against you? How can he look people in their face and say he’s representing the administration?”The speech concluded with Dr. Harris urging the public to scrutinize the actions of their leaders and to hold them accountable for their associations and decisions. “You want, as it were, to deal with these political threats within and without. But God not sleeping. You shall have your own,” he declared.Dr. Harris’s speech has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of St. Kitts and Nevis, raising serious questions about the integrity and decision-making of the current administration.

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