DOMINICA: Clement Marcellin announces bid for political leadership of UWP

Dominica News Online – Monday, November 21st, 2022

Clement Marcellin, member of the United Workers Party, has announced his decision to enter the contest for the position of political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP).

In a Facebook post this morning, Marcelin who was the UWP’s candidate for Vieille Case in the last general election, said his decision as a result of “overwhelming” support from the public.

“Today, I wish to announce that I have accepted the nomination in the contest to become the next leader of the United Workers Party,” he said. “It’s because of your overwhelming and generous support, I have answered the many calls from across Dominica. I am very thankful for your kind and encouraging words, but also your confidence in my ability to be that glimpse of hope and champion of change that our country needs now, more than ever.”

Marcellin went on to state, “These are very challenging and unprecedented times and Dominicans are demanding honest and compassionate leadership to lift them out of the darkness and into the light.”

He said he is ready to work, to stand in the face of adversity and to fix the challenges that Dominica and its people are confronted with today.

“Considering the dismal state of affairs, a depressed economic climate, decaying social values, and more importantly, a threatened democracy, we must be united in our fight to rescue Dominica,” the youthful politician declared.

“As we look towards this future, I anticipate your continued support and invite every citizen and resident of Dominica to join this, our united effort for a brighter tomorrow,” he urged. “Together, we shall walk in the light.”

On September 30, 2022, Lennox Linton, who had served as leader of the United Workers Party since 2013, after replacing Hector John, resigned from that position.

His resignation came less than a year after he was re-elected as UWP political leader.

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