Caribbean Immigrants in U.S. Earning 30% More than U.S. Born Blacks

Different economies emerging for the ‘different flavors of black’

by Stacey Tisdale

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As the black population in the United States grows, the diversity in the black community is unprecedented. According to new research by Nielsen, the number of black immigrants in the U.S. has more than doubled since 1980, to a record 3.8 million, accounting for 1 in every 11 blacks. By 2060, 1 out of every 6 U.S. blacks will be immigrants.

Black immigrants from Africa are driving the recent growth in immigration, accounting for 36% of the total foreign-born black population. Blacks from Nigeria and Ethiopia account for much of that growth. Still, the Caribbean population accounts for nearly 50% of all blacks, with most coming from Jamaica.

As the ‘different flavors of black’ emerge, different economies are also emerging. The Nielsen research finds that the median household income for foreign-born blacks is 30% higher than U.S.-born blacks.

“A lot of the African . . . immigrants are coming specifically to get an education in the States,” says Andrew McCaskill, senior vice president of global communications at Nielsen.

“High numbers are college-educated, and not only have college degrees, but also masters,” he adds.

McCaskill also says that the black immigrant population in the U.S. has a higher percentage of entrepreneurs, and an increased ability to keep dollars in their own communities.

“They’re creating jobs in their communities, they’re buying products from their entrepreneurs. There typically is a culture of recycling dollars, which contributes greatly to the rising fortunes,” says McCaskill.

While U.S. born blacks have had to battle generations of institutional racism, such as predatory lending, that has put them at a socioeconomic and psychological disadvantage that some immigrants have not experienced in this country. McCaskill hopes the changing economic landscape for blacks, citing the Nielsen finding that income growth rates in black households are surpassing almost all others, will help U.S. born blacks and immigrants realize the economic power they collectively have.

“When black consumers see how much power they have, it will change the way African Americans look at themselves, and see how much [of a] power they have become economically. They have the power to drive the products and services that come into their lives and come into their communities,” says McCaskill.

10 Comments on Caribbean Immigrants in U.S. Earning 30% More than U.S. Born Blacks

  1. Its all about how the parents have taught their off spring about the importance of education…which sadly is , amongst native USA blacks, less and less emphasised as celebrity becomes their idol, caribbean blacks just dont get into this as dont africans, not to mention the lifestyles of both do not focus around “things”, tv’s, phones etc …family and respect are drummed into them from birth.

    • This article seeks to divide and conquer. Your way of thinking falls right in line. I am born in the US, as are my parents. My grands are all born in the Caribbean (including Jamaica).

      Having said that, I want you and all who think like you to know that “US blacks” PAVED THE WAY for ALL immigrants like you who are ever so ungrateful. You left your country for what reason??? Blacks in the Caribbean do not run their countries. For example, look at Jamaica…research.

      Research the history of these United States of America before looking down your nose at “US blacks.”

      “US Blacks” are so hated, yet ALL copy them. US blacks have nothing to prove when one considers the history of this country.

      ONE LOVE.

    • This article and YOU are agents in the old divide and conquer scheme. Some people never learn.

      My family is from the Caribbean (including Jamaica). I never heard a negative comment about US blacks from any of them. In fact, some are married to US blacks….because WE ARE ONE.

      Caribbean blacks and “African blacks” come to the US as a result of US blacks blood, sweat, and tears paving the way over hundreds of years. Why don’t you stay in your own country??? Because your country has not progressed as the US has….WITH the toil of US blacks.

      It disgusts me when “blacks” look down their nose at OTHER BLACKS.

  2. compassion love and forgiveness lets not let the certain powers the be continue to divide us

  3. Reading this article makes me feel proud as an immigrant from South American country which is Guyana ,as a child we were taught that having a good education is the key to success and not to be lazy,so we the immigrats with mostly the same background in common knows what we want in life and go after our goals ,we are not afraid of work.

    • US blacks are proud and have MUCH to be proud of as well. History shows that US blacks work hard for ALL they have accomplished so immigrants from EVERYWHERE can come here and live better than in their own country where they have not stayed to help and progress.

  4. The number 5 on the list should not be included and will not like the fact that the author associate them with blacks. They hate blacks with a passion. Please remove them from the list.

  5. I meant to say the Number 6 on the list–Dominican Republivc

  6. You never see articles discussing how Irish, Italians, French, Germans, Spaniards etc…come to the US and “do better” than US whites.

    Stop letting yourselves be BAMBOOZLED!!!

    This is divide and conquer.

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