NEVIS: Demand for livestock at government owned farm increasing; so is meat quality

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (NOVEMBER 01, 2021) — The Department of Agriculture on Nevis continues to build its livestock capacity and increase meat production in its quest to ensure food sustainability on the island.

Mr. Rohan Claxton, Livestock Extension Officer with responsibility for Production on the Maddens Stock Farm, says a breeding programme which was introduced in 2016 is bearing fruit.

Among the new breeds introduced to the nucleus herd is the Red Angus and Brown Angus, world renowned for their production of quality meat.

The department is also actively engaged in increasing the herd, the quality of meat produced by the cattle, and the cattle’s genetics.

The cattle are sold to farmers who are interested in upgrading the genetics of their cattle. The farm also provides the government owned Abattoir with meat products when necessary.

The following pictorial is of cattle at the Maddens Stock Farm on October 29, 2021…

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