Concerns are being raised regarding the ever presence of SKNLP Candidates Ambassasors Leon Natta-Nelson and Kenny Douglas. Natta and Douglas were both losing SKNLP Candidates in the August 6th General Elections. Thus as the constitution dictates neither can be considered or be members of Cabinet . However multiple news releases and cabinet briefings have all indicated the regular presence of Natta and Douglas at various high and low level meetings of Cabinet. Most recently the Cabinet met with the leadership and management of the ECCB and both Natta and Douglas were participants in the meeting .
Douglas and Natta were also present and participated in a Cabinet meeting with the President of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), Professor Benedict Oramah and his delegation who visited the Ministry of Finance Conference Room for wider discussions with the entire Cabinet of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

No indication was given as to Natta’s or Douglas’ specific role at the High level meetings and why was it necessary for them to be present, especially as unelected Candidates.
A note has been making the rounds on social media which asks the question “Another Monday, another cabinet meeting with Natta and Kenny Douglas who were REJECTED at the polls. Rubbish!!! They unlawfully continue to refer to Natta and Kenny Douglas as cabinet ministers! What happen to the constitution? What happens to the oath of secrecy they all swore at Warner park? Rule of man is alive and well in St Kitts!”
The writer raises concerns that many share and have quietly observed for the last few months .
Another writer states “Why are rejected candidates douglas and Natta in cabinet meetings with Governor of ECCB. Is there no good governance behavior at Drew’s Cabinet?”
The consistent presence of the unelected Candidates at Cabinet meetings certainly is a violation of the constitution which clearly states that losing candidates cannot be a part of the Cabinet just as they cannot be a member of parliament.
The obvious question therefore becomes “Is the Drew Administration operating guided by the Rule of Law or the Rule of Man? Certainly in this case it seems like the Rule of Man prevails as the unelected Candidates continue to regularly participate in cabinet meetings that should be or are supposed to be confidential and between Cabinet members .

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