6 Published Authors from the Virgin Islands You Should Know

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St. Thomas — Looking for something new to read?  Love local success stories? Here are 6 published authors from the Virgin Islands and a breakdown of their books.

1. When I Grow Up – Rick S.S. Grant

This poetic and colorful book speaks to the dreamer in all of us and serves as a reminder that when searching for the best job in the world, the heart is the first place we should look.

Born on St. Kitts and raised on Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Rick S. Grant is now a resident of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Rick has always loved three things: creative writing, children, and the sharing of knowledge. Rick has obtained professional degrees in communication, public administration, management, and human resources. 

He is an educator and mentor, and he supports the development of well-rounded and civic-minded individuals. He believes it is important to be part of the village that helps raise the children of the next generation.

2. Writing on Roots – Biko McMillan

Writing on Roots is a collection of poetry broken up into five sections, which the author calls “musings.” They are musings on: childhood, love, heartbreak, blackness, and poems which asked to be written. This book is powerful, yet vulnerable, and open-ended enough to connect with a wide variety of readers. 

Biko McMillan is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, with degrees in Biological Sciences and Spanish and is the editor-in-chief of State of the Territory News. In college, he joined the Mu Delta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Incorporated. He was born and raised on the island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.

3. Broo ‘Nansi and Sis Iwana – Yohance Henley

A graduate of the University of the Virgin Islands, Yohance Henley is an author, story-teller, and designer who carries early Caribbean culture on his back. His vivid storytelling is well represented in his book “Broo ‘Nansi and Sis Iwana.” Broo Nansi (that good for nothing fellow) has a dilemma.

He and Sis Iwana are such good friends, they never leave each other’s side. But when it comes to the feast under the river, Broo Nansi is determined not to share any food, and he’ll go to any length to make sure he has it all to himself! 

However, Sis Iwana knows Broo Nansi well and does not fall for his trick that easily. Yohance tells another great Broo Nansi story filled with the humor and wisdom that only a true culture bearer could create..

4. The Event Strategy Planner – Gabrielle Leonard

Planning an in-person workshop, a class, a conference or a seminar? Had a failed event where you lost money or broke even?

The Event Strategy Planner is the solution that every business owner, organization, or “solopreneur” needs to plan, strategize, analyze, and execute a profitable in-person class, seminar, workshop, or conference.

This planner breaks down everything from choosing the right event type for your brand, to landing amazing event sponsors. This book could be your best friend throughout your planning process.

Born on the island of St.Thomas and and now a successful global entrepreneur, Gabrielle Leonard is also successful marketing strategist, public speaker, and author. 

Gabrielle recently offered a course titled Roadmap to 10K, where she began sharing with entrepreneurs how she manages to make $10K in one month with their online ventures living in St. Thomas. Gabrielle helped launch State of the Territory News two years ago.

5. Edafos – Howard Jones

Howard Jones is a fantasy, action-adventure and slice of life writer. The 21 year old was born on St.Thomas and has been writing since the age of 5. Howard’s published works include Edafos: Divine Wind and Edafos: Iron Will. These two books are the first part to a series currently in the making. The series is perfect for readers who enjoy escaping into new worlds through words. 

Currently, Howard is working on the third part of the series: “Edafos: Black Blood” He is also working on a soft novel revolving around Virgin Islands society which will feature the local dialect. Howard cites his inspiration as being History and what it has taught us. As well as the works of the Australian author John Flanagan, particularly “The Ranger’s Apprentice.” Howard currently attends, the University of the Virgin Islands.

6. The Muted Cage – Milagros Romero

Milagros “Lotus Beyouty” Romero, though born in Puerto Rico, spent much of her childhood on St. Croix. Milagros is a successful motivational speaker, author, and community activist with a history of combating abuse and working to change lives for the better. Milagros sees herself as an overcomer of sexual assault, and uses her skills to empower men and women to tell their story when they’re ready.

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Stories from a team of writers at State of the Territory News.

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