Stronger PAM Leads to a Stronger Team UNTY Declares Deputy Prime Minister and PAM Leader Hon. Shawn K. Richards at 51st Party Convention


St.Kitts-Nevis Deputy Prime Minister and People’s Action Movement Party Leader the  Hon. Shawn K. Richards has declared that a stronger PAM will lead to a stronger Team UNITY Government. This declaration was made at the People’s ACTION Movement’s 51st Convention held on Sunday April 10th at the Party Headquarters.


The Young Dynamic Leader of the PAM Hon. Richards encouraged his  party’s followers to do more to strengthen the fabric of the party and also gave his own commitment and the commitment of the Leadership of the 51 year old party to to the same thus making a stronger PAM and as a result a stronger Team UNITY Govenrment .

“As we move forward in unity with our partners in government, it is our every intention to work hard to keep the fabric of our coalition strong and vibrant.

But we also believe that a “strong PAM, leads to a stronger Team Unity!”

Team Unity is a family. And just like any family, where each is contributing, the more each unit is able to contribute and the higher the value and quality of that contribution, then the more that family will thrive,” PAM Leader Richards declared

The Deputy Prime Miister then gave his and his party’s assurance of their committement to the further development of a thriving Team UNITY Administration and Coalition.

Deputy PM Richards said “PAM intends to see the coalition family thriving, but PAM intends to become a bigger contributor through more resources, visioning and via a party that is more vibrant, better organized and stronger,”

The People’s Action Movement Convention featured presentations by Guest Speaker Jamaica MP Hon. Floyd Greene as well as PAM Minister’s Hon. Eugene Hamilton,Hon . Lindsay Grant, Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd and  Ambassador Jonel Powell.

The event was graced by the Presence of Prime Minister and Leader of the PAM coalition partners People’s Labaour Party PLP Dr. The Hon. Timothy Harris along with PLP Deputy Leader Ambassador      Hon. Sam Terrance Condor

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