Billionaire Cannabis Industry Investor Alki David is coming under heavy fire from citizens of St.Kitts and Nevis after his 60 second racist tirade against the former Prime Minister of the twin island federation Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris. The Instagram post was made just hours after Harris had just lost general elections which saw Dr. Terrrance Drew and the SKNLP being elected to office. David’s tirade described what many see as a old fashioned slave styled  lynching as David ranted about dragging the beloved former PM across the island and floating him over to Nevis.

Citizens too to facebook to condem David and his offensive racist tirade

Patricia Warner:

Why does he think he has the right to insult and threaten any of OUR people, much less a Prime Minister? If he was on the island, I would shout hard for his arrest and ultimate deportation. This is how privileged THEY think they are when it comes to US. It doesn’t matter what the “beef” is, he is completely out of order. Our new Prime Minister should never entertain him. As a matter of fact, SKN does not need foreign investors to enter the marijuana industry. We know how to grow marijuana and with proper regulations, we can develop businesses in SKN to benefit from this industry – if that is what the people want. It is not always a good idea for governments to decide for the people, sometimes there should be a referendum to let the people decide. Put his picture in Customs so if he manages to land, he can be sent right back – persona non grata.

Hamilton M Stephen:

This is overt racism. This would get him a lock up in the US or Europe for threatening to lynch somebody. But some of us don’t recognize how serious that matter is. Some of us even find it funny. We make it easy for these discrepid low lives to come into our space and do us what their ancestors did to our ancestors. And when those of us who recognize it deal with it as we should, others say “what’s the big deal?!” Don’t know how we bring our people up to speed on these things but too often we laugh when these people are really insulting us! Nobody should be ok with this. It is not a joke! Dat dere wan hide in de hills! Cha!

Giselle Matthews:

The people should demand he not be allowed to enter back into SKN –

He may have money but zero class – his disrespect for the former PM speaks

Volumes about his character – and is a clear signal on how he feels About us as a people..our politicians need to raise our standards and stop fraternizing and negotiating with characters of this sort.

Calls were also made on newly elected Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew to condemn David and his rant. David introduced Drew in 2019 Press Conference where they both shared a table facing the media to answer questions regarding David’s proposed Cannabist Industry investment

Avenice Jeffers Thompson:

I hope PM Drew will have his Press Secretary prepare a statement denouncing this level of disrespect for our elected officials and nationals and at the same time publicly reject him as an investor in our country. His is a racist, we are proud to be black and money can’t change that.

Alki David, CEO of Swissx, with former St Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Denzil Douglas (left), who is on the board of The Swissx Bank of Cannabis.

Former Prime Minister and then Leader of the Opposition and current Minister of Government Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas brought and introduced David to the country in 2019 as a Cannabis Industry investor. In a release issued in May 2019 Alki David announced a partnership with Swiss X Labs to set up marijuana industries in the Caribbean starting with St.Kitts and Nevis. The release also indicated that former PM Dr. Denzil Douglas was working closely with David to pursue the venture and Douglas was a board member of the Swiss X Bank of Cannabis .

David along with an associate was arrested after trying to bring 5000 Cannabis plants and by products into St.Kitts and Nevis in May 2019.

David staged a press conference with Dr. Douglas and current recently elected Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew and went on an expletive laced tirade on live national radio. The almost unheard of and unprecedented incident shocked the nation.

It is unclear whether David will return to set up the Cannabis Inudstry on the island as he promised he would after the Prime Minister Harris had left office and his associate Dr. Denzil Douglas was back in government.

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