World’s Fastest Man, Woman and 40 yr Old All from the Caribbean

Usain Bolt-Elaine Thompson-Kim Collins



The Caribbean has long been known for it’s white sands, sun drenched beaches and turquoise blue waters. But for the last decade and a half the beautiful island archipelago has become synonymous with speed. The Caribbean islands have produced the most fastest human beings in the history of the planet. With a total population of less than 10 million the production of so many world class athletes in particular sprinters makes it even so much more phenomenal. The Olympics showcased the Caribbean’s top sprinters and it also showcased the prowess of the Caribbean in the world of Sprinting.

Both the Mens and Womens Olympic Champions came from the Caribbean in Jamaican;s Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson who both easily and convincingly solidified their spots as the world fastest Male and Female human beings. The games also helped to showcase the World’s Fastest 40 year old in St.Kitts-Nevis Caribbean sprint legend Kim Collins who advanced to the Semifinals and became the oldest Olympic 100m Semifinalist in history.

The trend seem very likely to continue as far as the Caribbean and it’s host of phenomenal sprinters. Elaine Thompson is set to lead the new charge of female Caribbean Sprinters from the Caribbean.

With Bolt indicating that he will retire shortly we might never see another phenomenal 40 year sprinter like Kim Collins again. With youngsters like Anguilla’s Zharnel Hughes, Jamaica’s Yohan Blake and others the Caribbean sprint dominance will be sure to continue well into the next decade.

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  2. These athletes make me more proud to a Caribbean woman. And they bring respect to the Caribbean community.continue to be rolling models for the update coming athletes. Good job, we’ll done.

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