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Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 19, 2021 (SKNIS): World Water Day on March 22 is being celebrated under the theme “Valuing Water” and the St. Kitts Water Services Department (WSD) has embarked upon a communications strategy to ensure that everyone at every level understands the value of water.  

While appearing on the radio and television show, “Working for You” on March 17, Che-Raina Warner, Communications Officer at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, said that a number of videos will be released around the theme. She stated that the WSD believes that children should be educated early about the value of water.

“So, we are tailoring some videos and we are partnering with our stakeholders, major users of water, to ensure that persons can see from the various perspectives the different value of water,” she said. “That is just one of the ways we would want to do our education.”

She said that the relaunch of the Department’s Facebook and website www.water.gov.kn will provide local information on water.

“They can go to our website and have timely information and up-to-date information,” she said.

Ms. Warner mentioned that the Water Services Department is exploring the prospects of instant messaging.

“Rather than simply messaging persons to let them know when their water will be closed off, we would also want to use that as an avenue to send out tips…whether it is you seal or identify a leak or you notice something off with your bill…we would encourage you to keep track of things like these,” she said. “Tips like as soon as you identify a leak and don’t query it and think maybe I just might get it wiped off from my bill, but you immediately resort to contacting a plumber or even contacting us to see how we can assist.”

She noted that instant messaging will go a long way.

Ms. Warner said that the Department is also encouraging persons to come up with their own conservation strategies. She stated, for example, persons can use a bucket when washing their car or their house. That way they can control how much water they use.

“To have a hose running constantly with no sort of concern for how much water you are using is an ignorant way to be operating,” she said.

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