UK Prime Minister Sunak Faces Another Blow as Conservative Lawmaker Defects to Labour

In a political bombshell, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak suffered another setback as Conservative lawmaker Natalie Elphicke crossed the floor to join the main opposition Labour Party. Elphicke’s defection comes amidst growing discontent with Sunak’s leadership, with critics lambasting the government’s perceived incompetence and division.

Elphicke, representing the constituency of Dover, cited the government’s handling of migrant crossings and border security as key reasons for her departure. She criticized Sunak’s administration for failing to address the surge in small boat arrivals and lamented the loss of lives in the English Channel.

The defection of Elphicke, known for her staunch support of Brexit, underscores the challenges facing Sunak’s Conservative Party ahead of a looming general election. Labour leader Keir Starmer welcomed Elphicke to the party ranks, highlighting the significance of her move in bolstering Labour’s prospects.

With Labour making gains in recent local elections and Sunak’s government facing mounting criticism, the stage is set for a fiercely contested electoral battle. As calls for a general election grow louder, Sunak’s grip on power appears increasingly tenuous, with the political landscape poised for further upheaval in the months ahead.

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