The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the payment of an honorarium of EC$2,000.00 for each of the frontline workers for the services provided to their fellow citizens and residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The payment falls short of the promised 2 Months Salary Bonus that was announced by the SKNLP during their recent election campaign. Some frontline workers expressed disappointment with the announced payment as the much touted 2 Months Salary bonus was expected as a fulfillment of a promise made by the SKNLP Administration .

Frontline Workers are essential workers who have been working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and who have been called to meet the basic needs of the people of the Federation and all inbound and outbound travelers to and from the Federation along the corridor of containment.

The Government has outlined the institutions whose staff may qualify to benefit from the one-time payment of the honorarium.

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