Time For Coast Guard & Infantry Unit To Be In Nevis Permanently

Maclean Hobson

Maclean Hobson- St.Kitts-Nevis Director of Maritime Affairs

by Maclean Hobson,


In the context of the current crime rate on Nevis, its time for a permanent presence of the Coast Guard and infantry unit of the Defense Force on Nevis to help in the fight against crime. Since the traditional thinking towards the defense force stationed in Nevis has changed under the current NIA. I see no reason to delay the permanent presence of these units on Nevis.

In fact, I would go as far as saying both units should be living in the same building. While the coast guard takes care of crimes at sea, the infantry would address crimes on the land.

With the infantry unit currently accommodated in a community center on Nevis, you get a sense that there stay in Nevis is only temporary.

What NASPA is doing in terms of monitoring and patrolling the port areas following the purchase of a new vessel is commendable but far from adequate. Coast Guard patrol vessel or vessels must be based in Nevis at all times.

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