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by St.Kitts-Nevis Politcs

Douglas Wattley

Douglas Wattley a Political Activist and staunch supporter of Dr. Terrance Drew has declared that Drew should return to his profession and give up his political aspirations. Wattley made this declaration in light of Drew’s second straight loss at the polls to Hon. Eugene Hamilton. This was Hamilton 3rd straight victory in Constituency #8 and Drews second straight loss.
Drew entered the elections at his peak as far as political popularity and presence while Hamilton entered at arguably his lowest political ebb. Despite this Drew was still unable to defeat Hamilton. This suggests that Drew will likely never have any success in that constituency unless it is drastically changed to exclude the areas of Cayon to Conaree. Even in his own stronghold of St.Peters Drew garnered less support than he did in 2015. Hamilton not only had to contend with Drew but also defectors such as the Wattley Brothers, Chesley Hamilton and even well known performer Infamus. They were vicious and consistent in their attacks on Hamilton. But Hamilton still came out the victor. He got the last laugh. So what next for Drew? If constituencies are going to remain as is then Drew should call it quits. It is obvious that he will not find success in 8 with Cayon, Conaree and Keys. If he is heir marked for party leadership then he should be placed in const 6. A safe seat that will provide him comfort as leader. Dr. Drew has to think long and hard regarding his future and he has to think about whether he really wants to continue down the political path which looks gloomy for him , at least for another 15 years or 2-3 elections cycles

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