The Voyaj Museum & Story Centre of Dominica is in the works.

by Indie John Baptiste

The founder, Ms. Pamela Clarke, plans to start this charity to honor the histories of Dominicans as told by their children and grandchildren.

Themes that will be focused on include the individuals as parents, their impact on their family members, their family lives, their marriages, and their careers.

Some of the careers that will be focused on include entrepreneurs, hoteliers, politicians, interior designers, jewelers, and those who work in the fields of sports, building and construction, the military, and law.

President Stewart Williams of the Sandy Point Benevolent Society is very supportive of Voyaj and interested in involving himself by spreading the word on social media.

I have three pieces of writing that I wish to contribute, the first about my childhood relationship with my father and the indelible imprint he’s left on me, the second centered on his early life and relationship with my mother, the third a sonnet.

I have been helping Mrs. Clarke with fundraising ideas, my debut in the philanthropic world.

Mrs. Clarke plans to start a Facebook business page and a YouTube channel, with a website to follow in March 2024. Eventually, there is to be a physical museum.

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