SVG Residents Scared As Glow From Volcano Lights Up Sky Over North Leeward

January 16, 2021

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(By Ernesto Cooke) – News784 was informed that chaos erupted in North Leeward shortly after 10 pm on Saturday.

According to information, this was due to what persons claimed was fire coming from La Soufriere.

This turned out to be a glow which from a distance can appear to some as fire.

Professor Richard Robertson stated earlier in January that the new dome is incandescent and as it gets bigger it will glow at nights.

Robertson had also stated that as the wind direction changes persons living in North Leeward would smell sulphur emitted from the volcano.

One woman living in Rose Bank told News784 that a family member called her and said to come outside.

“ Everybody was outside and scared, I saw natural fire coming up from inside the volcano”, the woman told News784.

At 10.46 NEMO issued the following.The dome is glowing, what is termed incandescent, as the dome gets closer to the surface this will be seen on a clear night as hot lava gives off heat and is seen as fire. Please note no evacuation order has been given.Video Player

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