Stuart Williams Resigns ! A New Era for Leeward Islands Cricket

In a surprising turn of events, Stuart Williams, the Head Coach of the Leeward Islands Hurricanes Franchise, has announced his resignation after four years at the helm. The decision comes as the current First-Class season draws to a close, marking the end of an era for the team.

The Leeward Islands Cricket Board (LICB) was informed of Williams’ decision, expressing both surprise and respect for his choice. Throughout his tenure, Williams has been instrumental in steering the Hurricanes towards progress and determination on the field, earning praise for his dedication and leadership.

President of the LICB, Mr. Enoch Lewis, lauded Williams as a tireless worker with an unwavering passion for Leeward Islands cricket. Having served the sport for over three decades, Williams leaves behind a legacy of commitment and service that will be remembered fondly by the cricketing community.

Williams himself reflected on his time with the Franchise, highlighting the advancements made under his guidance. From implementing structured fitness programs to nurturing young talent, Williams leaves behind a team poised for further success.

“While I am proud of our achievements during my tenure, I believe the Franchise can benefit from new perspectives and fresh ideas,” Williams remarked. “I am confident that the team is in a strong position to continue its upward trajectory.”

As the season nears its conclusion, the LICB extends its best wishes to the Hurricanes for their remaining matches, hoping for a triumphant send-off for Coach Williams. His departure marks the end of an era but also signals the beginning of a new chapter for Leeward Islands cricket.

The LICB will soon embark on the search for a new Head Coach, tasked with building upon the foundation laid by Williams and steering the Hurricanes towards further success. While his presence will be missed, Williams’ contributions to Leeward Islands cricket will be remembered with gratitude and appreciation.

As the cricketing world bids farewell to Stuart Williams, it eagerly anticipates the dawn of a new era for the Leeward Islands Hurricanes, filled with promise and potential under new leadership.

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