St.Lucia Constitutional Review Committee Holds Inaugural Meeting

The Constitutional Review Committee of Saint Lucia convened its inaugural meeting on March 6, 2024, signaling a significant step forward in the nation’s constitutional reform process. Held in the Parliament Chamber, the meeting saw the appointment of key leadership positions and outlined the committee’s objectives for the reform initiative.

At the forefront of the committee’s agenda was the appointment of Hon. Claudius J. Francis as Chairperson and Mr. Ignatius Jean as Deputy Chairperson. Together with ten other distinguished members, including representatives from the Government, the Opposition, and civil society, they form a diverse team tasked with steering the reform process.

The committee members comprise a mix of expertise and perspectives, reflecting a balanced approach to addressing constitutional matters. From seasoned politicians to legal scholars and community advocates, each member brings valuable insights to the table. Among them are Hon. Bradley Felix, Hon. Allen Chastanet, and Ms. Catherine Sealys, among others, chosen for their commitment to the nation’s progress.

Established by Motion of the Honourable House of Assembly in 2015, following the report of the Saint Lucia Constitutional Reform Commission, the committee’s mandate is to identify and propose amendments to the Constitution. Led by Justice Suzie D’auvergne’s previous work, the committee aims to modernize the constitutional framework to better reflect the needs and aspirations of Saint Lucian society.

The inaugural meeting symbolized the beginning of a collaborative journey towards strengthening democratic governance and upholding constitutional principles. By engaging in constructive dialogue and consensus-building, the committee seeks to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive and responsive constitutional framework.

As Saint Lucia embarks on this historic reform process, the Constitutional Review Committee stands poised to navigate the complexities of constitutional change with diligence and integrity. With a commitment to transparency and public participation, the committee aims to chart a course towards a more resilient and equitable future for all Saint Lucians.

The convening of the Constitutional Review Committee represents a vital step forward in Saint Lucia’s democratic evolution, signaling a collective commitment to building a stronger and more inclusive society.

Date: March 6, 2024

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