St.Kitts Rooted Child Prodigy Zion Zaza Phillips, Earns Mensa Membership at 5: Hopes to Inspire Young Readers

In a remarkable achievement that underscores her exceptional intellect, Zion Zaza Phillips, a kindergartner at Hillcrest Elementary School in Orlando, has joined the ranks of Mensa, the renowned high IQ society, at the tender age of 5. Her journey to Mensa membership, one of the youngest in Central Florida history, is a testament to her innate talents and unwavering dedication to learning.Zion’s ascent to Mensa began with her admission into the gifted program at her school, a milestone she achieved on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. Following this initial recognition of her academic prowess, Zion’s remarkable journey took another extraordinary turn just days later, on Sunday, March 17, 2024, when she received official confirmation of her membership in Mensa. Assessed by an OCPS school psychologist, Zion’s composite IQ places her in the top 2% globally, with her non-verbal scores ranking in the top 1%.But Zion’s accomplishments extend far beyond the realm of academia. A child prodigy with a passion for reading, she entered kindergarten already immersed in chapter books, a feat that speaks volumes about her voracious appetite for knowledge. Embracing her St. Kitts heritage, Zion is part of the French language program at Hillcrest Elementary, where she has begun to explore the world of literature in multiple languages.Fuelled by her love for reading, Zion, affectionately known as ZaZa, has embarked on a mission to share her passion with children around the world. Together with her parents, she launched “Zaza Read To Me,” a YouTube channel where she brings characters to life, inspiring young minds to discover the magic of storytelling.Yet, reading is just one facet of Zion’s multifaceted talents. A budding pianist, she astounds with her ability to play complex melodies by ear, a skill she began honing at the age of four. With formal lessons underway, Zion’s musical journey promises to unfold in harmony with her academic pursuits.For Zion’s parents, her achievements are a source of immense pride and inspiration. Her mother, a native of the U.S. Virgin Islands and an educator, envisions Zion’s virtual outreach as a catalyst for improving literacy rates among elementary students nationwide. Meanwhile, her father, Kevin “DJ Kevy Kev” Clouden, a St. Kitts native and music executive, seeks to nurture Zion’s musical talents and cultural appreciation.As Zion embraces her membership in Mensa and continues to chart her extraordinary path, her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, transcending borders and inspiring a new generation of young learners to unlock their full potential.###

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