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“I am one of the students in quarantine. We are not allowed to leave the dorms for 2 weeks. Not allowed to leave our rooms within the dorms. We have all food/groceries being delivered to us once a day. We do get 1.5 hours of outdoor time each day, where we wear a mask, broken up by building so we are not inter-mixing with the whole population of students. We have Ross Security and the St. Kitts military standing watch 24/7 to make sure we are all abiding by the rules.

For more clarification: we were tested in Miami. Those who were positive/were around the positive cases were not allowed to come back to finish the semester. We were again tested the second we got off the busses to the dorms. We will again be tested at the end of the 2 week quarantine, then we will be released to return to our homes and finish out the 4 weeks of our classes.

Also some students stayed on island, maybe about 100 or so. They are the ones you are seeing out in the supermarkets, not us.

I hope I shed some light on what’s happening with Ross. We don’t want to bring this virus into your country. We are grateful for the opportunity you give us here to learn.” – Sara Perfin

Photo: Returning Ross Student Sara Perfin

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