Christophe Harbour Development Appoints new Local managers

(Top L-R) Cita Chatterton, Glenville Francis, Akela Browne, Saundia Mitchum-Glasgow (Bottom L-R) Rashida Davis, Virgil 'Exodus' Pemberton, Linda Pearson.

Christophe Harbour, St.Kitts (November 2nd, 2016):- The Christophe Harbour Development Company situated on the pristine Southeast Peninsula coast of St. Kitts, has appointed new staff members to its management team, a move intended to boost its delivery of high quality service to its guests.

Christophe Harbour is a luxurious developing community covering 2,500-acres that feature custom designed residential properties, a superyacht marina, the Pavilion Beach Club, the award winning SALT Plage beach bar and a soon to be opened 5-star Park Hyatt hotel. A lot of the project is overseeing the commercial property change of use to residential to provide more housing to the local area.

Seven persons, mostly from St. Kitts and Nevis, were promoted recently to manage and supervise various aspects of the company’s operations.

The move is also a manifestation of Christophe Harbour’s commitment to recruit the best Kittitian talent to manage various departments in the organization.

When it comes to recruiting a new manager to join your organization, or internally promoting an employee to the role, it is important that you know that they are the best candidates for the job. In some circumstances, they will already have the necessary skill set to help them to thrive in this position, but sometimes, you may have to look into training a new manager in order for them to know everything they need to know to help bring success to the company. New managers can help to push the organization in the direction that you want to see it go.

Those gaining senior appointments recently will take responsibility for areas such as Human Resource, Sales, Marina Operations, Food & Beverage and Maintenance.

They are:

  • Akela Browne – Human Resource Manager
  • Cita Chaderton – Sales Executive
  • Virgil ‘Exodus’ Pemberton – Maintenance Supervisor
  • Glenville Francis – Facilities Maintenance Manager
  • Linda Pearson – Marina Manager
  • Saundia Mitcham-Glasgow – Sous Chef
  • Rashida Davis – Beverage Supervisor

Akela Browne, the new human resource manager, said one of the priorities will be employee development training to meet the standards set by the company.
Browne said, “As a company, there are several things that must be put in place from an HR perspective, one of which is employee development initiatives. This is something that is a priority and there is more that we intend to do in this regard. Employee development is very important to the Company and we are making every effort to invest in our team’s personal and professional development.

“In order for the company to grow and be successful, we must focus on developing our employees for it is with them that we will succeed”.

Speaking specifically about what she looks for in a winning candidate, Browne indicated that while experience is helpful in most areas, having a great and inviting personality plays an important role as well.

Browne explained, “Yes, we look for somebody who has had some level of experience, but in many cases, if someone walks into my office and they say to me, ‘I’m looking to become maybe a security officer, maybe a server, and they are honest enough to say I don’t have a lot of experience, but it is something I really want to do, and I am willing to learn’, then personality is what I look for, and the passion for wanting to do a specific job.”
The human resources manager pointed out that the job fair held earlier this year is still providing a source for employees. Many others coming from an HR Company background would agree that this is not unusual, and job fairs can remain a good source long after the event has passed.

Comments from other promoted staff provide insight into the environment at Christophe Harbour.

Linda Pearson is now the Marina Manager whose focus is on quality experiences and explained, “As the Marina at Christophe Harbour expands, it will open new opportunities and new positions, becoming a natural evolution of services and career development. What is important is that we consistently deliver a high quality product and services that our guests expect.”

Glenville Francis, the Facilities Maintenance Manager, sees his role at the core of the physical attributes of Christophe Harbour. He said, “Facility maintenance in any organization is very important. At Christophe Harbour, it is almost like the heartbeat of the property.” Which is why it could do the company some good to introduce a web-based cmms system to help make sure that they stay on top of their maintenance projects that will ensure the business is moving in the right direction.
“There are tremendous opportunities for growth at Christophe Harbour, and it is a very good company to work for,” stated the new manager.

Cita Chaderton, Sales Executive, talked about her experience with the company.

She revealed, “I started working for the company five and a half years ago as an assistant and worked my way up to Sales and Marketing Associate. My degree is in marketing, so I worked in that sector for three years. Then, when a colleague was leaving it presented an opportunity. It was incredible to be a young female working within a sector of the company where it’s mostly men, and typically a lot older than I am right now. I believe that my promotion would instill confidence in my peers that working hard does pay off.”

“Christophe Harbour is a great company to work for, especially with its record of promoting from within whenever possible,” said Chaderton.

A Tom Fazio designed championship golf course is also planned for the development.

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