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After a big song and dance on the radio stations and on the court house steps, the lawyers for the Labour Party have asked the High Court for an adjournment of the Election Petitions which were supposed to be heard today, Friday 10th July.

The Opposition Labour Party have seemingly been grossly unprepared for their petitions case which was brought to challenge TEAM UNITY’s overwhelming victory in the recent June 5th Elections. Their application for adjournment comes as the Labour Party’s paperwork have been described as poorly presented, quickly rushed off and even flawed. Labour has already tried to amend their Notices of Security to correct basic errors due to their rush to file documents to appease their dwindling base. Members of the public have already picked out simple mistakes and basic errors which are all over Labour’s petitions. It was obvious that the copy and paste documents were not properly reviewed or edited with incorrect names, addresses, parties, etc. The papers in each case are riddled with fatal errors.
The main excuse presented however by the Opposition is that they could not find the Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris and Hon. Jonel Powell in order to serve them with their petitions. These are two of the most visible and public individuals in the entire federation and their public schedules are well known days in advance. They have had press conferences and radio appearances among other public events which the whole public was aware of in advance. Interestingly the Labour party refused to show up for the Opening of the new session of parliament where both PM Harris and Minister Powell were front and center. However this still does not explain why Labour was not prepared to move forward with the other petitions this morning which were already served.

The Labour/NRP coalition suffered their worst loss in the history of their participation in General Elections in St.Kitts-Nevis. Despite the massive 7% swing to Unity, Dr. Denzil Douglas seems not to be convinced that he suffered such a humiliating defeat. Labour is now fractured and split regarding whether to continue with Dr Denzil Douglas as their leader. One faction has come out in support of Konris Maynard as leader while another has come out in support of Terrance Drew. Denzil Douglas’s popularity is clearly fading and with these bogus cases he is hammering the nails in his own coffin.

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