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(ST.KITTS, FEBRUARY 7TH) Opposition St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Opposition Press Secretary Erasmus Williams is being blasted by citizens for a fake news story issued regarding a visiting cruise ship and the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic. On Friday 7th a news story was published by CNN which indicated that some 12 passengers on a Cruise ship that travelled to a number of Caribbean islands including St.Kitts are to be assessed for the Corona virus. The Chinese citizens had been in China within the last 14 days. However Williams in his Breaking News release as shown here stated that the 12 passengers were “sick with the coronavirus” which was absolutely untrue. There was no indication by CNN or anyone that the 12 passengers were sick with the virus but rather they will be assessed because they had been in China within the last 14 days . It is widely felt that the news story was framed in that way to create mass hysteria among the populace in the Oppositions continuing effort to create unrest and instability in the country. A stark contrast to the peace, tranquility and calm that the country is now experiencing .
The Fake news release falls well within the Opposition’s Multi million dollar fake news SCL/Cambridge Analytica styled campaign. This style of campaigning has been condemned internationally and is being condemned locally as it is destroying democracies worldwide and especially in small countries like St.Kitts-Nevis which infamously introduced SCL/Cambridge Analytica to the Caribbean region . International media reports in 2018 indicated that SCL/Cambridge Analytica was engaged by the Dr. Denzil Douglas Labour Party administration in 2004 then subsequently in 2010 and again in 2015 and now have engaged elements of them again in 2020. SCL/Cambridge Analytica were reported to have orchestrated the framing of then Opposition Leader Lindsay Grant in the 2010 election and then later in 2015 used Israeli hackers to hack the email of Dr. Timothy Harris and access his medical records according to international reports.
Up to press time William’s had not updated his release or issued an apology.

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