Delara McClure Taylor: Promising to Build Back PAM Better as New Party Chairman

Delara McClure Taylor, a seasoned veteran and esteemed attorney, is stepping into the spotlight once again, this time with a bold promise: to rejuvenate the Peoples Action Movement (PAM) as its Chairman. With a wealth of experience within the party, Taylor’s candidacy brings a blend of familiarity and fresh perspective to the table.Having been deeply entrenched in the fabric of PAM for years, Taylor’s dedication and service are unquestionable. From his earlier stint as Chairman in 2011 to his current role as the Chairperson of the West Basseterre Constituency Group, Taylor has continually demonstrated his commitment to the party’s ideals.As Taylor gears up for his campaign, he unveils a comprehensive manifesto built upon a foundation of key pillars, notably encapsulated by the rallying cry to “Build PAM Back Better.” Central to his vision are initiatives aimed at enhancing accountability, fostering robust relationships, and instituting regular National Council meetings to ensure inclusivity and transparency.Under Taylor’s leadership, PAM will embark on a journey of institutionalization, focusing on capacity strengthening and efficient finance and administration practices. The establishment of a dedicated PAM Secretariat at the party’s headquarters will serve as a command-and-control center, streamlining operations and facilitating cohesive decision-making.Moreover, Taylor’s vision extends beyond party lines, with the creation of the Simmonds Herbert Institute for Policy Priorities, poised to shape the political landscape with informed discourse and forward-thinking strategies. Embracing a federal campaign approach, Taylor sets his sights on securing all eleven seats, underscoring his ambition and determination to drive meaningful change.Beyond his political endeavors, Taylor’s professional acumen as a former member of the St. Kitts and Nevis Bar Association Executive, where he served as Treasurer, underscores his capacity for leadership and governance.As Delara McClure Taylor embarks on this pivotal journey to lead PAM into a new era, his promise to Build PAM Back Better resonates with hope and aspiration. With a clear roadmap outlined in his manifesto and a wealth of experience to draw upon, Taylor stands poised to chart a course towards a brighter future for the party and the nation as a whole.

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