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Alexander Nix and Dr. Denzil Douglas




(March 22nd, 2018):- The St.Kitts-Nevis Dr. Denzil Douglas-led Opposition SKN Labour Party  is being heavily linked  to Cambridge Analytica the Donald Trump-Tied Racist Company at the Center of Facebook Data Controversy currently making International Headlines along with an Israeli based cybersecurity group that accessed the personal email and medical information of at least two current world leaders. Highlighting that now, more than ever, social media security should be at the forefront of everybody’s minds.


In 2009 the now Dr. Denzil Douglas then led ruling St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party  engaged SCL to manage then PM Douglas’ 2010 SKN Labour Party re-election campaign. The SCL Managed an unprecedented “It’s Working” campaign for the Douglas led SKN Labour Party administration which saw millions spent on everything from Billboards the size of 2 story buildings that were mounted throughout the island to an elaborate Million Dollar scheme to entrap the then Opposition Leader Lindsay Grant. Douglas’  2010 re-election bid was successful . Soon after his re-election the country fell into tough economic and social times which eventually saw them becoming the 2nd Most Indebted Country in the World in addition to a sky-rocketing crime problem which resulted in the country being ranked as having the 2nd highest murder rate in the world. Scandal after Scandal plagued the Douglas-led administration which led to the exodus of two senior Ministers including then Deputy prime Minister Sam Condor and now Prime Minister  Dr. Timothy Harris. The duo went on to join forces with two opposition parties to form a very popular Team UNITY Alliance government.


In the 2015 Election Dr. Douglas again engaged SCL/Cambridge Analytica to manage his re-election campaign. The  multi-million dollar election campaign resembled  the pomp and splendour of a Carnival in Rio. International media reports indicate that Israeli cyber-security experts or hackers were engaged to “dig up” dirt on Dr. Douglas’ political opponent the popular charismatic leader of the Team UNITY,  Dr. Timothy Harris. The Israeli cybersecurity team had worked with Cambridge Analytica in the 2015 Nigerian elections where they accessed the emails and medical records of the then Opposition Leader and now President of Nigeria. The same was done to Dr. Timothy Harris as both his emails and medical and other records were accessed by the Israeli associates of Cambridge Analytica. According to many news reports the staff at Cambridge Analytica did not use the information gathered by the Israelis.


An internal email sent by Cambridge Analytica boss Alexander Nix, 42, and viewed by various media sources,  referred to two black potential clients as “n*****s”. It is unclear whether the clients referred to were Dr. Douglas in St.Kitts-Nevis or Jonothan Goodluck in Nigeria. Both of whom were at the focal point of multi-million dollars  SCL/Cambridge Analytica ran  re-election bids, none of which were successful.

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