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The response to an article published by the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party by the Minister responsible for SCASPA the Hon Ian “Patches” was swift and resolute as he minced no words in responding to the fake news being circulated by these sore losers now in opposition.

Minister Liburd made the point to the news media stating that – “It is important to debunk the proposition made by the Douglas Labour Party as it really borders on absurdity”.  The only thing that made sense in the article said Liburd is the fact that the St Kitts’ Yu Lounge Brand was operated by two Business Partners. “So if business partners decide to go their separate ways – Do you blame SCASPA?”

“Of course you cannot – but this is just another distraction and another futile attempt  at destabilizing the country which under the Young Team Unity Administration is enjoying positive economic growth and the enhancement of the productive infrastructure ” continued Liburd.

The Minister then explained that the Transportation Security   Administration (TSA) did its annual inspection between the months of June and August last year 2017 and   the next inspection  is due around the same time this year.

“As a matter of fact during the said visit the TSA approved the Yu Lounge operations so too American Airlines and all other operators at RLB” – intimated Minister Liburd. 

He further stated that the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) carried out its Annual Aerodrome Inspection in 2017 as well as a Security Inspection.  

Liburd also informed the media that the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) has just completed a Security Inspection at RLB in the month of June 2018 as part of its mandate under ICAO Annex 17 which deals with security and the safeguarding of international civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

“The only critical issues that were raised had to do with the operations of a Courier Service Agent and absolutely nothing to do with any airline serving the RLB Airport or the SCASPA Port Constabulary that is charged with the responsibility for security.

The R L Bradshaw International Airport is world renowned as the best mid-sized airport in the Caribbean. It is fully equipped with CCTV, state of the art baggage screening and passenger security technology, efficient baggage handling mechanisms, and flight information display monitors. It is modern, easily accessible, clean with other top notch amenities and it gives all travelers a sense of place.

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