Ten New Principals Among Plethora of New Appointments at Various Schools

Basseterre, St.Kitts (September 14th 2015):-Students who returned to school last  week met  new principals in at least ten school throughout St.Kitts. The new Principals were  appointed to govern the affairs of the schools, going forward. There have also been a plethora of other appointments of Deputy Principals.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Education, Virgil Jeffers is the new Principal of the Bronte Welsh Primary School.

Stewart Joseph is the new Principal of Tyrell Williams Primary School and Dale Phipps is the new head of Violet Petty Primary.

T here have also been several new appointments at the high schools.

Francil Morris is the new Principal at Cayon High and Ron Collins is the new head of Basseterre High.

The new Principal at Verchilds High is Roger Woodley and Cherise Dolphin-Gumbs is the new Principal at Washington Archibald High.

The full compliment of leadership changes are: Ron Collins Principal of the Basseterre High School with John Samuel as his deputy; Charisse Dolphin-Gumbs the new Principal of the Washington Archibald High School. Her deputy is Juan Sergeant, Roger Woodley as the principal of Verchilds High School with Lonzo Wilkerson as his deputy; Maurice Benjamin is the new Deputy Principal of the Saddlers Secondary School.  Bronte Welsh Primary School’s new principal is Virgil Jeffers and Steward Joseph is the new Deputy Principal. Valarie Richardson-Mason and Michelle Rochester-Woodley are the new Deputy Principals of the Sandy Point Primary School and the Newton Ground Primary School respectively. Dayle Phipps is the new principal of the Violet Petty Primary School. Francil Morris with support from his Deputy Principal Margret Hutchinson now heads the Cayon High School. Steward Joseph is the new Principal of the Tyrell Williams Primary School.

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