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Basseterre, St.Kitts (May 1st, 2018):- The much lauded proposed new changes to the electoral system in St.Kitts-Nevis will come with it a solid re-affirmation of the commitment to maintaining and or enhancing the right of ALL eligible citizens to vote. It is the fundamental right for all eligible citizens to register to vote. It your right and responsibility as our constitution outlines.

The proposed electoral reform will see initially a full enumeration process. That is a house to house 6-8 months process of identifying every residence and their residents and or every citizen and their residence. This will likely be followed by the registration process where persons will be expected to register where they live. Like every other similar electoral system in the world there has been and will continue to be a residency requirement in the constituency where you live or would like to vote. This requirement has been initially announced at 6 months straight prior to registration. Every single citizen who is eligible to register to vote will be provided with the opportunity to do so. The process does not segregate different groups of citizens into overseas and home voters. This has been well received as for the first time ALL voters will be seen as ONE group of voters rather than the traditional labeling of overseas and home voters. All eligible voters will register based on a number of requirements including and most importantly their residency status in a Constituency.

The amendments to the National Assembly Elections Act will also include  a change in the First Schedule, which gives Commonwealth citizens from only Caribbean countries or islands, the right to be registered and vote in an election.

It is proposed that the present one year residency requirement will be changed to “a continuous period of at least three years before the registration date.”

As indicated before another amendment provides for the enumeration of voters.




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