St.Kitts-Nevis Black History Month Legends

Sir Robert L. Bradshaw- First National Hero
• Dr. Rt. Hon. Sir Kennedy Simmonds- First Prime Minister-4th National Hero
• Sir Clement Arrindel- First Governor-General
• Constance Mitcham- First Elected Female Parliamentarian
• Kim Collins- First World Champion Sprinter and Olympic Finalist
• Keith “Kayamba” Gumbs- Most prolific goal scorer in Caribbean Cup soccer
• C.A Paul Southwell- Former Premier and 2nd National Hero
• Joseph N. France- former long serving parliamentarian and 3rd National Hero
• Ada Mae Edwards- First Female Parliamentarian
• Atiba Harris- First Kittitian Soccer player to sign MLS contract
• Dr. William Connor- Pioneer of the Baptist Church Movement in SKN
• Elqomedo Willet- First player from Leeward Islands to make West Indies team
• Sir Dennis Byron- Chief Justice of the CCJ Caribbean Court of Justice
• Sir Hugh Rawlins- Chief Magistrate of the OECS
• Dr. Simeon Daniel- First Premier of Nevis
• Elston “Ellie Matt” Nero- 8 time Calypso King and 10 time Road March King and Music Icon
• Dr. Joseph Christmas-Local modern Water System pioneer and former UN Water Engineer


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